Act 1

Journey Back To History

For over seven centuries, Siam has been home of diverse cultures, a cross-road where civilizations meet.

The North

The Ancient Kingdom of Lanna

The King and Queen lead a procession to worship relics of the Lord Buddha by releasing a ceremonial lantern.

The South Seas

Traders from Overseas

In the south, Thai Buddhist and Muslim cultures blend harmoniously. Chinese merchants arrive from across the seas to barter goods.

The Northeast (Issan)

Heritage of the Khmer Civilization

Northeast villagers celebrate the religious festival in front of the stone castle, a legacy of Khmer civilization.

The Central Plains

Ayutthaya… The Mighty Capital

The peasants live a simple life, cultivating rice in the fertile soil of the Central Plains. Life in the palace, in contrast, is very grand, as Western ambassadors arrive to discuss foreign relations. Witness the magnificent procession of royal barges.

Other Act

  • Journey Beyond Imagination : The three worlds

    Act 2
  • Journey Through Joyous Festivals

    Act 3